InterHow to Get Developer Experience & Land Your First Job as a Software Engineer

Emma Delaney
3 min readJan 10, 2024

Starting a career as a software developer is an exciting journey that often begins with discovering the developer experience. As the tech industry continues to evolve, learning practical skills and building a strong portfolio become essential to landing your first job. In this article, we highlight practical steps to help aspiring software developers gain valuable experience and increase their chances of landing that coveted first job.

1. Build a solid foundation:

Before delving into specific technologies, make sure you have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals . Knowledge of languages ​​such as Python, Java or JavaScript is generally required. Online platforms like Codecademy, Khan Academy or freeCodeCamp offer interactive courses to improve your programming skills.

2. Discover relevant technologies:

Identify technologies that match your career goals. Whether it’s web development, mobile app development, or data science, focus on mastering the tools and frameworks commonly used in these areas. Resources like Udacity, Coursera, and edX offer comprehensive courses on various technologies.

3. Create a portfolio:

Create a portfolio that showcases your projects. This may include personal projects, contributions to open source projects, or independent work. Employers value hands-on experience, and a well-researched portfolio provides tangible evidence of your skills. Platforms like GitHub are invaluable for hosting and sharing your code.

4. Contribute to open source:

Participating in open source projects not only improves your programming skills, but also gives you the opportunity to working together. in the real world. It offers the opportunity to work with experienced developers, learn best practices, and interact with the developer community. Sites like GitHub and GitLab are great places to find projects that match your interests.

5. Create a LinkedIn Profile:

Establish a professional online presence by creating a LinkedIn profile. Highlight your skills, projects and training. Network with industry experts, join relevant groups and stay up to date on industry trends. Many recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Therefore, make sure your profile is complete and attractive.

6. Internships and entry-level positions:

Seek internships or entry-level positions to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. Many companies offer internships specifically aimed at students or graduates. Sites like Internshala, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor are great platforms to find these opportunities.

7. Networking:

Attend technical meetings, conferences and networking events in your area or virtually. Networking is a powerful tool for connecting with industry experts, obtaining information and discovering job opportunities. Sites like and Eventbrite list various technology events taking place around the world.

8. Interpersonal skills are important:

In addition to technical skills, employers value soft skills such as communication, problem solving and use of devices. Sharpen these skills through group projects, presentations, and active participation in discussions. Being a well-rounded candidate will help you stand out from other candidates.

9. Stay informed:

The technology sector is dynamic and new technologies emerge regularly. Stay up to date on industry trends by following blogs, podcasts and technology forums. Continuous learning demonstrates your commitment to personal and professional growth.


Gain experience as If you are a developer and get your first job as a software engineer, commitment, continuous learning and a strategic approach are required. By laying a solid foundation, building a compelling portfolio, contributing to open source, networking, and staying up to date on industry trends, you will position yourself as a competitive candidate in the ever-changing world of technology. Remember that your journey is unique and every step you take contributes to your growth as a software developer.



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